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the secret gardenOn this Valentine's Day, we celebrate by telling a secret wive's tale about birds and love. Read below to find out what type of man you might marry!


star!Birds and Love - An Old Wive's Tale
Europeans believe that Feb. 14th is the day when birds begin to choose their mates. Chaucer, Shakespeare, and numerous other poets mention this tradition in their work. In their versions of the story, it is believed that a young girl will be able to tell what type of man she will marry based upon the first bird that she sees on Valentine's Day. The birds, and their associations, include:
What type of man will you marry?
Blackbird a clergyman or priest
Robin Redbreast a sailor or nautical man
Goldfinch (or any yellow bird) a rich man
Sparrow a farmer or country gentleman
Bluebird a happy man
Crossbill an argumentative man
Dove a good man
Woodpecker no husband

To coin another Wive's Tale, we take this folklore with a grain of salt ... as a little secret that's just for fun! If you need help identifying these birds, a great on -line resources is

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